Garage Door Cable Replacement

Garage Door Cable Replacement

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Cable is an essential part of garage door assembly. There’s simply no way to overstate the importance of this key component. In torsion systems, cables are attached to brackets at the bottom of each side of the door. Above the door, the cables are attached to a drum. As the door rises, the cables will wind, ensuring smooth operation. In extension spring systems, cables are included as part of an intricate pulley system.
Garage Door Replacement

What Are Cables And How Do They Work?

Cables are small, woven wires that are looped at the ends to secure garage doors and drums. The cable is wound about garage door drums, which allows the entire door to rise and fall.

The inner structure of the wire determines the strength of the cable and the amount of weight that the cable can ultimately lift. This wire also has bearing on the longevity of the cable. The more wires that the manufacturer includes within a cable, the stronger the cable will prove. These days, anywhere between seven strands of seven wires to seven strands of 19 wires are used in the creation process.

What To Do If Your Cables Are Broken

If the cable around your garage door has recently snapped, it’s imperative that you reach out for immediate assistance. Without the right hardware, your door will not budge. And since cables are part of a complicated counter-balance system, you should always allow trained professionals to handle the repair process. With the assistance of Casella Garage Doors, you won’t have to risk serious injury. Best of all, we offer friendly service and affordable rates!

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If you’re interested in learning more about our replacement work, don’t waste another moment. All you have to do is reach out to one of our certified technicians. With the assistance of Casella Garage Doors, local clients access the latest hardware at the most competitive rates. Call us to begin the replacement process.
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